Home renovations can create an amazing outcome for families of all shapes and sizes, delivering convenience and comfort for your loved ones in a way that makes your house truly feel like home. In order to achieve the best results, many homeowners need to consider the longevity of their home remodel in addition to the style and feel of this project to ensure long-lasting results that people can be proud of. It’s essential to plan your home renovations properly, as improper improvements can quickly become outdated and negatively impact the beauty of your home. The kitchen, especially, stands as a representation of the beauty and warmth of any abode.

California homeowners looking for the best kitchen remodels in Poway, San Diego, or the surrounding areas can reach out to Greg Kohler General Contractor for complete customer satisfaction. For years, our kitchen contractors have worked diligently to perfect our services, and we’re confident that we can help you achieve the perfect look for an ideal price.

Kitchen renovations can prove to be very valuable if your efforts make the space beautiful and relevant. Today, we’ll highlight a few styles and ideas that can help you create a long-lasting kitchen design that your guests will love.

Open Floor Plans

Times change, and with them, so do residents’ tastes and preferences. One popular preference that is sure to benefit you for the years to come is to rely on an open plan to create a comfortable, seamless space. 20 years ago, you would be hard-pressed to find a modern home that didn’t feature separate rooms for every activity. Today, most homeowners are looking for the bright, spacious feeling of an open floor plan. This open approach can allow you to see more of your house, importing more daylight while giving you the ability to keep an eye on children, pets, and so on.

Big Sinks, Big Results

Functionality is the name of the game for California homeowners hoping to make the most out of their remodel. While two- and three-basin sinks are a popular choice for chefs in need of multiple spaces, many homeowners today are focusing on large, open basins that minimize the splash while creating plenty of room for dirty dishes. Our kitchen contractors have experience installing sinks of all types, including copper, stainless steel, cast iron, solid-surface, and more.

LED Lighting Fixtures

Kitchen lighting has become more beautiful and cost-effective than ever, and the influx of LED bulbs is likely the cause. These light emitting diode options have evolved to be warmer and more natural, delivering long-lasting warmth and quality that doesn’t hurt the energy bills. Consumers can pay a little more up front to benefit year after year from the shining quality offered by modern LED options.

Modern Tech

Technology has evolved to become more advanced than we ever could have imagined, and when it comes to kitchen renovations, our home remodeling contractors will be able to outfit your space with a variety of smart devices. While this gear is more costly, it may be the perfect answer for your home renovation needs. Greg Kohler General Contractor is here to deliver the most modern solutions for any home renovation, including:

  • Automatic sinks and dispensers — Go hands-free with automatic faucets and soap dispensers. This tech makes it easy for you to wash on the go.
  • Wireless thermometers — Cooking can be a hassle, so why not walk away and trust your foods will be cooked perfectly? Wireless thermometers consist of probes that communicate with you via your phone to show how the meal is going.
  • Smart appliances — Wireless communication has made streamlining your kitchen appliances easier than ever before. Appliances such as smart fridges can do wonders to increase the convenience and control for your life. Listen to music, look for food recipes, and more thanks to this modern tech.

Greg Kohler General Contractor Inc. is here to provide lasting results that are sure to benefit your family on a daily basis. If you’re ready to create the perfect bath or kitchen remodel for your Poway home, our experts are here and happy to help. We know how to deliver an ideal result, and are happy to work with you through your home remodel. Contact us today to learn more, and be sure to ask about the trends mentioned above!