Homeowners today are more likely than ever to take on home renovations in earnest, often resulting in amazing outcomes that enhance daily comfort while also increasing the property value. Nearly every property owner wants to take on a home improvement project, but many struggle to decide which aspect of the home to focus on first. Kitchen and bath remodeling can be valuable, but it can also be costly. You may have a specific plan in mind, such as kitchen renovations to overhaul the room’s outdated look. In other cases, you may be planning on installing an outdoor living space to expand your floor plan into the sunshine, including a new sink, stove, or seating area. Regardless of your personal plans, you and homeowners across San Diego County can benefit from speaking with our home remodeling contractors!

Greg Kohler General Contractor, Inc. is proud to be your trusted general contractors in Poway, delivering top-notch results to residents across San Diego and beyond. Our team has over 100 years of combined experience, and we’re ready to get your project completed on time and on budget.

One service we offer is consultation. Today, we’ll continue to discuss the cost and value comparisons between bathroom remodels, kitchen renovations, and new decks and patios. Learn about the value of each service here, then be sure to contact our home remodeling company to schedule an appointment!

Decks and Patios

If you have the outdoor space to enjoy a variety of relaxing activities, why not provide year-round support with a deck or patio? This valuable platform helps to expand the floor space of your home, allowing guests and tenants to walk from the kitchen or dining room straight out into the yard. This service will also result in a sturdy, beautiful product that is built to provide decades of sound support. Not only does a new deck improve the space and convenience of your home, it also increases the property value.

Potential buyers will be willing to spend more to enjoy the convenience of your new deck, offering more to purchase your property in as a result. Homeowners reportedly recoup much of their remodeling costs when selling their home, often recovering over 80 percent of the up-front price. Greg Kohler General Contractors can help you find an ideal outcome for your home, providing the quality needed to ensure that your investment is worthwhile both now and 10 years from now.

The Verdict

Ultimately, the type of home renovation you invest in will depend on your goals and restraints. Homeowners hoping for effectively affordable comfort and quality can invest in bathroom remodels while others wanting more time in the sunshine can procure a long-lasting deck or patio. Keep in mind a few of the factors that may influence your decision, including:

  • Price – Kitchen renovations can quickly add up in cost, especially if new cabinets and appliances are included. Bathroom remodels and deck installations can be close in price, but the specifics of your project can change the total cost by thousands of dollars.
  • Speed – Full kitchen remodels will take a lot of time, with best-case scenarios tending to wrap up after one month (some homeowners can wait up to six months!). Quality bathroom renovations often take half that time, and deck installs can be completed in just one to two days.
  • Convenience – Eating and bathing are both essential, making home renovations an inconvenience in most cases. Installing a new deck or patio will likely not impact your daily routine. Our general contractors are here to ensure the fastest outcome for every project, so be sure to call us for an estimated timeframe for your home renovations!
  • Value – Based on the home improvement company you hire, all three services can add considerable value. Each service provides differing return rates, where home decking can recoup over 80 percent of costs, then bathroom remodels, then kitchen renovations in the 90 percent range. The better your results, the more valuable your renovations will be.
  • Versatility – An outdoor living space may provide considerable advantages for your home. Kitchen renovations can introduce helpful elements to make food prep and storage much easier. In most cases, the versatility of your home renovation services will depend on your personal needs and the skills of your contractor.

When it comes to comparing kitchen and bath remodels, homeowners can make the decision on which project to pursue based on their personal preferences. Kitchen improvements provide the most value for a home in addition to owner satisfaction, but this result comes with a few costs. Kitchen remodels are invasive and take considerable time, both resulting in a higher price tag. Bathroom remodels are smaller, simpler, and more affordable. If both of your interior spaces are fine as-is, investing in a new deck may prove to be the perfect answer.

More than half of industry professionals say to focus on kitchen remodeling to increase home worth while just over 40 percent said to focus on the bathroom. We found, however, that the decision of which home renovation service to pursue will vary for each client. If you’re ready to create amazing improvements for your San Diego County home, our general contractors in Poway are here and ready to get to work. Greg Kohler General Contractor is your trusted resource for top-notch home renovation services. While we specialize in kitchen and bath remodeling, decking, and home additions, our licensed and insured team can build to suit a wide range of needs. Call us at  (858) 252-6030, or contact us online today for assistance!