Greg and his team did an excellent job with our remodeling project. We needed extensive renovations to perform demolition services, install doorways, create bathrooms, electrical remodeling, and drywall/plaster work. We’ve had experience remodeling with different contractors in the past, and Greg’s work and professionalism far surpassed that of any other contractor. Our communication with Greg was always clear, and he answered all questions promptly and supportively. We had a very tight budget, and Greg was able to work within it while providing an excellent quality of service and meeting all of our construction needs. I was shocked by how quickly Greg and his team were able to complete the work needed for our renovation! Not only was everything completed swiftly and according to plans, but it was also spectacularly constructed. We needed a lot of different work done, and the demolition, carpentry, plumbing, and electrical work were all carefully scheduled to ensure that no time was wasted. We had a lot of people who couldn’t believe how quickly the work was completed and were very impressed by the quality of the construction. I cannot say enough how glad I am that we worked with Greg on this project, and I would definitely recommend him for all contracting needs.

Katie L.